Oriental Furniture Chicago

Find Your Asian Furniture and Accessories to Add Interest to Your Home.

All of the furniture and accessories that we provide are directly imported from Thailand, China, and Indonesia. These are all collections of antiques (some that are restored) that come from as early as the 16th century to as late as the early 20th century. These pieces can serve two purposes, of being practical and adding a unique accent to your home. We carefully hand select each piece and know that each elaborate design comes with its own history.


We sell a wide range of antique cabinets, all meticulously carved and painted to depict the cultural history of where it originally came from. We have a selection of painted antique China cabinets from the 13 regions of China, intricately decorated chests from Tibet and Qinghai and rustic Asian trunks that have formerly held pieces of history from its ancient past. The antique China cabinets come in various sizes, wood types and colors. Its rustic exterior showcases elaborate and intricate carvings that depict the cultural connotations of the time it was created, with scenes of nature and depictions of long told mythological animals. Regardless of whether it is an antique China cabinet, a Tibetan chest or a rustic Asian trunk, each piece comes with its own story to tell.


Old Temple Chicago Store also has a wide collection of oriental style statues that hail from various areas in Asia. Most of these statues are made from wood, resin casts, stone, marble and more. We have statues of various Buddhas, which symbolizes enlightenment and used to be (and still are) religious figures in ancient homes. These types of statues still hold modern value today because the symbol of the Buddha is considered to be an eternally known one. There are also other oriental style statues that hold high symbolic value, especially in its place of origin. These can be used as interior, as well as exterior decoration, to be put as an accent piece in any environment you choose to place it in.


If you want a more practical use for antiques, or to set up an intricate display in your home for showcasing purposes, consider our collection of antique seating. We provide a wide array of various types of seating, whether its purpose is practical or decorative. We have a selection of rustic wooden stools of various heights, anciently designed benches and uniquely carved wooden chairs that may have served as a symbolic purpose in its time of origin.


Our time period is not the only one that indulged in items of vanity such as jewelry, home decorations, and other accessories. This practice has been put into play for years, especially in the time period of the 16th century to the early 20th century. We sell a unique mix of accessories, all antique and somewhat restored for present use. Some of the accessories we have can be used for entertainment (old style bicycles – a common mode of transportation back when it was created), practical use (elaborately carved wine bottle holders and rustic buckets for carrying items), and for decorative purposes (unique wooden candle holders and wall display carvings).